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M090 Alcalde de la NocheSummer ’90 04/24
m088 LuaNube 24/03
m087 En RocoIl Nero 12/23
m084 AnaisThe Belle Of Amherst 12/22
m083 Starving PetsNo Shake, No feels 02/23
m082 TRÓNCOs/t 11/2022
m081 Palliatives For Dirty Consciencesblankly 12/21
m080 I Gini PaoliEsotica Naturalizada 01/23
m079 Davide CedolinEmbracing the unknown 06/21
m078 I SassiLe Sette Vite de 03/22
m077 LuaWerner 04/21
m076 Tiger Flambés/t EP 03/21
m075 No Chappi BourgeoisLa Svolta Romantica 05/21
m074 SuperfreakExplain To Me Your Meme 12/20
m073 Morning, DeceiverAdin 05/2020
m072 RodoCalma Apparente 04/2020
m071 ERCCoronata Session 03/2020
m070 Alcalde De La NocheFantasía Ibiza 07/20
m069 She Said What?!Demichelis 12/2017
m068 Renàras/t 01/20
m067 MonêtreO 12/19
m066 St.ElvioGrief Porn 11/19
m065 BacherIntra 09/2019
m064 Utδ γ ε β 04/2017
m063 Lo Sceriffo LoboConfetture Per Adulti 10/2017
m062 dormi coi topiRegistrazioni N.1 02/2016
m061 Case Di VetroSete 10/2015
m060 hndclp=mndCTRLs/t 04/2017
m059 Lo Sceriffo LoboDi Altri 07/2015
m058 UtNoise Deadening Barrier 03/2015
m057 StoniLive Altrove 12/14
m056 Lemminsep 12/2014
m055 Minimal Whales/t 10/2014
m054 ManchuriaShades 04/2020
m053 BernaFiato Alle Trombe! 06/2013
m052 Shaking Hands/t 05/2013
m051 MenrovescioK 04/2013
m050 El PelandroCi Vuole Più Naso 05/20
m049 ThreefingersguitarRough Brass 03/2013
m048 DresdaDiluvio 10/2012
m046bis Lo Sceriffo LoboIl Veicolo Interiore 09/2012
m046 UberNorthern Exposure 02/2011
m045 Blown Paper BagsBack To Square Three 01/2011
m044 SenpaiGarret Afternoons 11/2010
m043 HipurforderaiIl Pop Ai Tempi Del Colera 06/2010
m042 June MillerWith Downcast Eyes 07/2010
m041 Lo Sceriffo LoboMucchi Di Mare 10/2010
m040 Cary QuantMarkII 03/2010
m039 Tarick1Too Old For Techno, Too Young For Rock’n’Roll 06/2010
m038 The Combat WormsHow We Built A Flying Bed 04/2010
m037 Threefingersguitar#1 02/2010
m036 HermitageOh, No, It Wasn’t The Airplanes It Was Beauty Killed The Beast 10/2009
m035 CartavetroWe Need Time 09/2009
m034 June MillerSimulacra Sunset 02/2009
m033 She Said What?!s/t 01/2009
m032 VvaaL.S.O.A. Buridda Vol.3 09/2008
m031 KramersSongs For Every Morning 05/2008
m030 DresdaPequod 12/2008
m029 Les Mange-ToutTeatime With Mr.Who 09/2008
m028 Eat The Rabbits/t 10/2008
m027 VvaaL.S.O.A. Buridda Vol.2 04/2008
m026 Arbdesastrs/t 12/2007
m025 Rice On The RecordIn A Slow Silent Walk 11/2007
m024 Speedy PeonesFast Listening 10/2007
m023 VvaaL.S.O.A. Buridda Vol.1 06/2007
m022 St.RideSe Sto Qui, Nevica 09/2007
m021 Fabio ZuffantiPioggia e Luce ep 05/2007
m020 Coma StereoI Can Programme Myself Whenever I Want To 03/2007
m019 HermitageAs In Open Spaces 02/2007
m018 Japanese GumTalking. Silently ep 01/2007
m017 Rocktone RebelRailways, Coconuts & Bullshits 10/2006
m016 VvaaMilk In My Cup (Tastes Like This…) – Vol.1 Local Heroes 01/2005
m015 Mr60Mistasista From Outta Space 04/2004
m014 In My RoomThree Good News In October 10/2003
m013 Lo-Fi Sucks!Threetracksthreeinches ep 06/2003
m012 Titos/t 10/2003
m011 MarlaEP 06/2002
m010 Chuck Norris Zen Solution Quintet…And No One Had A Doubt 06/2002
m009 UberLess Is More 04/2002
m008 K.C.MilianSeason//Repeat 04/2002
m007 Chuck Norris Zen Solution QuartetThe thin line between a joke and a joke 03/2002
m006 AnaisSottrazioni 02/2002
m005 Lo-Fi Sucks!the Pink Moon ep++ 04/2001
m004 En Rocos/t 03/2001
m003 port-royalKraken ep 04/2002
m002 Felipes/t 02/2001
m001 Cary QuantFeaturing My Sister ep 03/2000

Si Lagrima

sl03 MariborangeHand-drawn Napkin Maps Of Upcoming Turns 12/2010
sl02 Tarick1I Paffuti Dell’Elettronica (Tarick1 & Clara) 01/2008
sl01 HipurforderaiLa Peggiore Ora Della Vostra Vita 07/2007