01. Weirda
02. B
03. Valerio
04. On a boat
05. So done
06. We were roses
07. Carol
08. Edna
09. Blinding white
10. A Red balloon

Released in December 2019 by Libellula Music, OuZeL Rec. and °Marsiglia°

Backing vocals [1,9], mandolin [3], acoustic guitars in [3,6,8,9] and hang [9] by Mauro. Guita-lele [10] by Federica.

Lyrics and vocal melodies by Federica.
Music by Mauro, arranged by Monêtre.
All songs recorded and mixed by Nicola Sannino at Tabasco studio, Sori / IT,
except for [10], home-recorded by Mauro and Federica.
Produced by Nicola and Monêtre.Released in December 2019 by Libellula Music, OuZeL Rec. and °Marsiglia°.
Cover graphics and band logo by Matteo Casari.

Special thanks: Alessandro Pace for the acoustic guitar, Simona Motta for the hang, Zio Valerio for the mandolin.

Licenza Creative Commons

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Based on a work at https://www.marsigliarecords.it/m067/.
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